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Experienced Professionals to Help You, the Trustee

Capitol Federal® offers many services when it comes to understanding, planning and carrying out a trust. A trust is a legal agreement between two parties: the person who creates it and the person, institution or corporate trustee responsible for administering it, known as the trustee. You may choose to be your own trustee, or give the responsibility to another person or corporation.

Often, those who choose to serve as their own trustees quickly discover there is too much responsibility and could benefit a great deal from professional assistance. This is where Capitol Federal's custodial service could help you ensure your trust is handled appropriately. You may want recommendations on the appropriate trust structure to set up, or need direction on investment policy, accounting or distribution of the trust’s assets. Or, just simply want general guidance and assistance with bookkeeping. We can handle any of those requests.

By allowing us to serve as your agent, we take on a consultative role with you, the trustee. This means, in addition to providing custodial services and bookkeeping, we work with you to help with the administration of your trust. Establishing an estate plan designed to meet your goals and needs is critical. Moreover, having expert support from a professional agent- like CapFed® - can be essential.

For more information on the many benefits Capitol Federal can offer, call a CapFed® Trust Officer today at 1-888-8CAPFED.

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For more information about Trust Services and the many benefits Capitol Federal® can offer, contact a Trust Officer today.  Call 1-888-8CAPFED.

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Appointing CapFed® to serve as your agent makes sense if you:

  • Need assets segregated for accounting purposes
  • Require separate tracking of principal and interest income
  • Need assistance with tax accounting of any kind
  • Require a third-party statement for auditing purposes
  • Would like to have a custodian assist in the transfer of assets to a successor trustee when you pass away
  • Are unfamiliar with the working of trusts and want guidance in interpreting the trust documents
  • Do not have time to manage your own account

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Estate Settlement 

Choose an experienced Executor to handle the duties of settling your estate, relieving family members and friends from the time and liability of handling the settlement of your affairs.

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Trustee Services

By choosing Capitol Federal® as your trustee or co-trustee, you are selecting a team of professionals who are committed to increasing the value of your trust.  There are many advantages to choosing a corporate trustee.

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Trust Settlement

CapFed's trust team has years of settlement expertise, which lowers costs, saves settlement time, and increases trust accuracy. We protect you and your beneficiaries interests, and assure your wishes are met.

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