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Before transitioning to the new True Blue Online®, visit the Preparing for the new TBO information page for the steps to take to ensure you have access to True Blue Online® and Mobile banking.

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Here are some common questions we have already received:

Q: How should I type in my User ID when I log in to the New TBO?
A: Use your regular User ID when logging in to the New TBO. However, you must use all lower case letters. If your user name was “TrueBlue123”, you would enter this as “trueblue123”. 

Q: What should I use as my password the first time I log in?
A: Use your 4-Digit ATM PIN as your password the first time you log in. You'll then be prompted to re-set your password.

Q: How do I change my phone number on file?
A: Please visit a Capitol Federal branch to update your phone number on file.

Q: Am I still able to connect my CapFed account to Mint?
A: Please reach out to Mint support and let them know there was a conversion by Capitol Federal to a new online banking system.  Mint will have to re-connect to allow users access.

Q: I cannot find where to download the Quicken file.
A: To download transactions, click Download under the Transactions tab in True Blue Online. From there you can choose the file format you would like to download. For more information about Quicken, visit our Quicken User Notes page. 

Q: How do I see who I wrote payments to when it shows my balance or debit information?
A: Your full purchase and transaction information will be made available the day after each transaction takes place. To see the full description of a transaction you may click on each transaction individually if viewing from a desktop. Through the Mobile App or Personal Finance Manager you may view transaction details without clicking on each transaction.

Q: I have received paper statements for all my CapFed accounts in the past.  Will I be able to receive paper copies for all my CapFed accounts with the new system?
A: Yes, you may continue to receive monthly paper statements in the mail. By logging on to True Blue Online and under the Documents tab you can select the method you would like to receive your statements. You have the option of paper statements or downloadable electronic statements, also known as eStatements. 

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