Quicken® User Notes

For quicken® users

Capitol Federal® has transitioned to a new online banking system, and Quicken® Direct Connect is no longer supported. In place of the Direct Connect service, Quicken offers two other ways Quicken can interact with your True Blue Online® account.

Option 1: Web Connect. Web Connect allows you to download your transactions directly from True Blue Online® and then manually import them into Quicken. 

To download transactions, follow these steps:
1. Select ALL from the top menu, on the left-side of the screen.
2. Select Transactions.
3. Select Download - from here you may select the account, a date range and the file format for the download.

Option 2: Express Web Connect. This option allows Quicken to communicate directly with True Blue Online, and you will not have to sign into TBO. Transactions are automatically downloaded for you. 

Click here for information on how to establish a new connection with Capitol Federal.

NOTE: Web Connect and Express Web Connect DO NOT support bill payment and money transfers directly from Quicken. If you use Quicken to add/modify/delete payee and payment information in Quicken your changes and payments will not take effect and will not process after August 27, 2018.

As a Quicken Direct Connect user you will need to modify your Quicken settings to ensure the smooth transition of data. For your convenience, we have provided these Quicken Conversion Instructions.  After August 27th, you may need to change your connection method with Quicken.

For further instructions from Quicken, please visit Quicken Help.

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