Out-Of-Band Authentication

What You Should Know About Out-Of-Band Authentication

What is out-of-band authentication?

Out-of-band authentication (OOBA) verifies your identity by using phone authentication. OOBA provides a one-time security code to you as an added security measure.

What is the one-time security code?

The one-time security code is a randomly generated code provided by Capitol Federal®.  You enter it before completing certain transactions to prevent fraudulent transactions and unauthorized access to your financial information.

Why is a one-time security code needed?

The one-time security code is an extra layer of online banking protection which ensures your funds and financial information are safe.  By requiring the entry of a one-time code, and the use of a phone number you have on record with us, fraud is prevented – even if an unauthorized user learns your online banking User ID and password.  It also ensures you are notified if an unauthorized user attempts to access your account information or complete transactions without your knowledge. 

How do I use a one-time security code?

It is easy! We will call or text a number you have on record with Capitol Federal® with the one-time security code.  Enter the code when prompted.

Do I need to save the code?

No.  Once the code is entered, it is not needed again.  We will call or text you a new code if needed for other transactions to prevent fraudulent or unauthorized access to your financial information.

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