New Online and Mobile Security

Safeguard your accounts

To prevent online banking fraud and protect your online accounts, we have included new security measures in the new True Blue Online® and Mobile banking app. 

Security features like:

  • Step-up Authentication (also known as Out of Band Authentication) - This is an extra method of verification at login if certain login conditions are detected, ensuring your account information is only seen by you. It is an added layer of security because even if a fraudulent user gains all security credentials to your online banking account, a transaction cannot be completed without access to your phone.
  • Expanded Alert Options - Users will now be able to set up and manage a wider range of alerts by text and email. These include, when specific checks clear, when a specific deposit amount is processed, successful or failed transfers, balances above or below a specific amount and changes to a user's TBO User ID, password or contact information.
  • New Touch ID® - Verifying account access with only a fingerprint for capable mobile devices.