Savings Deposit Loan

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Borrow against your Capitol Federal® fixed rate deposit accounts for any purchase you’d like to make.  Loan amounts are available up to 100% of your deposit balances used as collateral and interest rates are 2.00% above the weighted average interest rates of accounts used as collateral. 

Capitol Federal Savings Deposit Loans offer:

  • Interest rates at 2.00% above the weighted average interest rates of the deposit accounts used as collateral
  • Monthly amortizing or monthly interest-only payments available
  • Loan amounts up to 100% of the deposit balances used as collateral
  • Savings of an additional 0.25% on amortizing payment loans with automatic payment from a Capitol Federal checking or savings account

To complete an application, you may call 1-888-8CAPFED, or stop by any of our local branch offices.

Loan information is subject to change. Certain restrictions apply.

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Choose from a range of short- and long-term CDs to save for whatever you have in mind. CDs provide guaranteed rates for secure savings. There’s never a better time to start saving – than today!

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