Personal Finance Manager

Manage your money Your way

Personal Finance Manager is a rich financial tool that turns your transaction data into usable information for you. You are able to view spending for all your financial accounts, as well as create, track and manage your budgets. You no longer need to purchase software or leave True Blue Online® to view this information. Just add the institutions you do business with, and Personal Finance gathers information from accounts and transactions automatically. Enroll in Personal Finance within True Blue Online® for a complete overview of your finances.

Transaction history in Personal Finance is updated once daily.

To Enroll:
1.) Log into True Blue Online® Banking.
2.) Select the More tab, then select Personal Finance.
3.) Read the Terms and Conditions and Enroll.
4.) Once available, you'll see your Capitol Federal accounts already synced.
5.) To add an account, click "Add an Account".
6.) Select a financial institution listed.
7.) Enter the username and password associated with that account.
8.) Begin tracking your finances!

Learn more on how to get started with Personal Finance, download the User Guide.
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Set Alerts on your account

With alerts, you can stay on top of your accounts more easily, as well as better track your personal budget. You are able to set account balance threshold alerts (both high and low), budget alerts, security alerts and transaction alerts.

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