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Capitol Federal® Announces Third "Grand Giving" Winner
December 4, 2015

In the spirit of the giving season, Capitol Federal® drew the third and final winner of its “Grand Giving” contest.  This contest awards three lucky individuals with $1,000 and the opportunity to pay-it-forward with an additional $1,000 awarded to the local non-profit of their choice.

The third winner was Gayle Burns from Topeka, Kansas.  Gayle was presented with her $1,000 by North Topeka Branch Manager Liz Barranco.  The charity Gayle chose to give $1,000 was CASA of Shawnee County.  “I’ve been a CASA Board Member for six or seven years,” said Gayle.  “So many kids need to have someone look out for them as an advocate.  CASA of Shawnee County is a great group of people and do amazing things for the county and for the kids.”

Jessica Lehnherr, Executive Director of CASA of Shawnee County, echoed Gayle’s comments. “The money will be used to help fund our volunteer recruiting efforts.  CASA of Shawnee County is comprised of volunteers who advocate on behalf of children in foster care.  Right now we are only able to advocate for 1/3 of the children in foster care.  That leaves roughly 400 children who do not have an advocate to speak on their behalf throughout their time in foster care.  In a child welfare system that is overburdened, CASA volunteers are crucial to being that one consistent person in their life to ensure their voice is heard and their needs are being met.”

“Capitol Federal is pleased to say thank you to the Topeka community,” said Liz Barranco, Branch Manager of the 3540 NW 46th Street CapFed® location.  “We are thrilled to present our ‘Grand Giving’ gifts to our winner, Gayle, and to the charity of her choice, CASA of Shawnee County.  It’s great to celebrate the season with a gift for our winner and a dedicated non-profit organization that makes a real difference.”


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