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Capitol Federal® Announces Second "Grand Giving" Winner
November 25, 2015

In the spirit of the giving season, Capitol Federal® drew the second winner of its “Grand Giving” contest.  This contest awards three lucky individuals with $1,000 and the opportunity to pay-it-forward with an additional $1,000 awarded to the local non-profit of their choice.

The second winner was James Gregory from Wichita, Kansas.  James, along with his wife, Joyce, were presented with $1,000 at the 10404 W Central CapFed® Branch by Branch Manager Jennifer Parker. The charity they chose to give $1,000 was The Treehouse.  “The Treehouse is a wonderful organization that supports mothers and helps them learn life skills,” said Joyce.  “Our niece works there and they do great things for the Wichita community.”

LeeAnn Vanderfort, Executive Director of The Treehouse echoed Joyce’s comments.  “The Treehouse helps women with diapers, formula, clothing and other baby items.  We offer parenting classes, bible study classes, life skills classes and we have a computer lab/learning center.  Our goal is to help our families get over the ‘hump’ and onto a successful track.  We are so excited about winning $1,000 and we will be using it to purchase baby formula.”

“Capitol Federal is proud to be a part of the Wichita community,” said Jennifer Parker, Branch Manager.  “We are thrilled to present our ‘Grand Giving’ gifts to our winner, Jim, and to the charity of his choice, The Treehouse.  CapFed® is happy to brighten the season with a gift for our winner and a donation to a dedicated non-profit. Congratulations!”


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