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A True Blue® Hello to former capital city bank customers

The merger of Capital City Bank and Capitol Federal® is now complete.  On August 31, 2018, the merger brought together two of the most respected, reputable and trustworthy Banks in the Midwest, building an enhanced customer-focused financial institution. All customers will enjoy expanded banking access, further improving your banking experience.

This Resource Center will provide information for customers, and will continually be updated as we complete this transition. Check back here, or our social media, including Facebook and Twitter for the most current merger-related information.

Your CapFed® Pin, Debit Card and Passcard as a former capital city bank customer

There are a few differences in how Capitol Federal distributes debit cards and Passcards, and how customers use a PIN.

PINs are used for branch transactions, ATMs, debit card transactions and Telephone Banking. Your PIN number allows you to conduct several types of transactions and is a key identifier for you as a customer of Capitol Federal. Your PIN should not be shared with others. By securing your PIN you are reducing your risk of fraud and theft.

All customers will receive a PIN. Whether you have had a PIN as a Capital City Bank customer or not, you will still receive a PIN mailer with a new PIN.


1. Debit cards and Passcards. If you currently have a Capital City Visa® Debit Card, you will receive a new True Blue Direct Visa debit card. If you have additional accounts linked to your debit card, you will receive a separate Passcard for each account. If you are the primary owner on other accounts for which you do not currently have a card, you will receive a Passcard in your name for the account. Joint owners can continue to have the same access as they had before, and you may request additional cards from your local branch.

2. You will only have one PIN connected to you. Even though you may have several accounts, you now will only have one PIN number to use for all your accounts.

3. You may change your PIN at any time at a Branch or through Telephone Banking. You may keep the PIN we send you, or to change your PIN, you may visit a branch or call 1.888.5TRUBLU (1.888.587.8258) to update the number.

4. If you already have a CapFed® PIN, in most cases, you will not receive a PIN mailer. If you were already a Capitol Federal customer, you will continue to use the PIN already established with CapFed, for all accounts. In the event you do receive a PIN mailer, you will use the new number provided only when using your new card. You may keep the PIN we send you, or to change your PIN, follow the directions above.

Beginning April 15, please activate and begin using your CapFed card to complete transactions.  If you did not receive a card, please contact us at 1-888-822-7333.

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True Blue Online® Banking for Former Capital City Bank Customers

To Log in: Use the login box on
1. Use your existing User ID and Password.
2. You may be asked to receive a one-time security code. This requires a current phone number on file. Contact us if you need to update your phone number.
3. Enjoy the new look and updated navigation!

Things to know:
  • Your existing User ID and password did not change.
  • Online Banking will have an updated look, but access to your accounts and bill payments will be the same.
  • All bill payment payees transferred.
  • Pending and recurring payments transferred.
  • Recurring and pending transfers transferred.
  • Account history transferred, but transaction descriptions will appear differently.
  • External Transfer accounts will need to re-established.
  • Account nicknames will need to be re-established.
For mobile banking, download the CapFed® Mobile Banking app from the app store. Search for Capitol Federal. (The Capital City Bank app is no longer accessible.)

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Quicken User Updates for Former Capital City Bank Customers

On Friday, April 12, 2019, Capital City Bank migrated to a NEW online banking system. To continue using Quicken as a Capitol Federal® customer, you will need to complete an account deactivation and reactivation process. Documents detailing how to complete this process may be downloaded from the links below.

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Branch Relocation Information

Learn more on the branch relocations of Capitol Federal® and Capital City Bank.

More About Branch Relocation